Jeanette F. Chaplin is a transplanted Iowan currently teaching English and Spanish courses in the Phoenix area and working to expand her writing business. In pursuit of her lifelong goal of being a writer, she obtained a doctorate in composition and creative writing at Texas A & M-Commerce, and participated in a workshop at the University of Iowa’s Summer Writing Festival as well as an array of other workshops and conferences. Publishing credits include inspirational writing and a travel piece on her hometown of Sioux City, Iowa,

in the Des Moines Sunday Register, as well as

self-published works such as the Self Publishing Guide.


Her ongoing goal is to travel to exotic places and research a series of mystery novels featuring twenty-something aspiring journalist Torrie Madison.  Jeanette is working on the third book in the series which takes Torrie to Texas where she "unearths" a new mystery.


When not reading, which she counts as “market research,” she enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, swimming, and biking—as long as they aren’t too extreme. She loves to travel and visit her daughters Rachelle in Iowa, and Andrea in Seattle as well as friends in Monterrey, Mexico, where she spent two years

teaching and conducting short-term mission tours.