Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument Photo Gallery

Photos from the research trip to Mount Saint Helens for the novel FIREWEED GLOW.





A view of Mount St. Helens from the north looking over Mount Margaret [US Geological Survey]







The northern pocket gopher (Thomomys talpoides) is an example of a ground-dwelling species that survived the eruption in the shelter of its underground burrow. [Charlie Crisafulli, 1985]







The increased bloom of fireweed in response to protection from browsing by elk and deer can be seen inside an experimental fenced area where large herbivores have been excluded since 1991. This 1.25 acre (0.5 hectare) exclosure is one of three sets of adjacent fenced and unfenced experimental plots established by biologists to monitor the influence of large herbivores on plant succession. [P. Frenzen, USDA Forest Service, 1994]




France Trip Photo Gallery

Photos from the research trip to France for the novel SUNFLOWER DUNGEON.




The abbey boathouse.









The Hautecombe Abbey.








The caracol staircase in the castle.